Saturday, July 19, 2014

Amsterdam trip

I had been at Amsterdam in 2013's summer. I haven't visited the USA yet but I bet Amsterdam has the most free lifestyle in the world. Amsterdam impressed me. You may be curious why I thought like that. Are you ready? Let's start!

Amsterdam, here we go!

Amsterdam is capital of The Netherlands. It's the largest, most beautiful and most colorful city in The Netherlands. Amsterdam is generaly known as Venice of the North part of Europe because of the nice canals. There are a lot of bridges to see.

When I arrived at Amsterdam, I was able to see a big population from every nation. It was such a diversity. Amsterdam could definetely be your city if you like to know about new cultures, new languages and to meet new people. I met different people from Suriname, Russia, Algeria, Turkey, Peru, Bulgaria ...
Its offical language is Dutch but you don't have to worry if you don't know Dutch. Because almost all Dutch people can speak and understand English well and even they speak German perfectly.
I couldn't see English words on signboards but it was not necessary. People is really friendly over there.

There is the airport called by Amsterdam Schiphol. It's 15 kms away from the city. The national career is KLM Airline. If you ae visiting Europe, you will be able to find cheap tickets on
If you are European, you can enter to Amsterdam freely with your identity card.
You should check the Netherlands' visa policy if you are not Dutch or you don't have European passport: Wiki,Visa policy of the Netherlands

You may need a taxi sometimes: Deluxe Taxi Amsterdam

I travelled Amsterdam by car because of that I didn't need to use the train but if you'd like to use the train in Amsterdam, here is: Eurostar

If you have driver's licence, you will be able to rent a car and this way you can enjoy your trip.

Bicycle time!

Amsterdam is also bicycle's city. You should enjoy it! If you think you're good cyclist, why are you coming here? Rent a bike! Amsterdam is waiting for you with all its beauty...
For more information: Rent a Bike Amsterdam

I'm at Van Gogh Cafe. The ceilings of this cafe are covered with his paintings.

Groeten van mijn beste vriend
(Greetings from my best friend)

Break for a cup of coffee! I'm tired...

Don't come here without making canal cruise!

I'm at De Wallen. It's the most famous red light district in Amsterdam. It's near to Oudekerk(Old Church). There are many good girls, especially from East Europe. In my opinion there is the biggest sex industry in Europe. If you'd like sexual intercourse there, prices are usually between of 40€ and 50€ for 15 mins, sex and blowjob. Bargaining is your ability. You can try :)

There is Magna Plaza. There are various activities for any age.

Van Gogh Museum: Vangogh Museum

Rijksmuseum: Rijks Museum

Coffee shop in Amsterdam :)

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