Friday, September 5, 2014

Around the sea

 A fantastic travel in the Adventure of the Seas cruise going to the Lesser Antilles -little islands around the Caribbean- was my first travel experience. It sailed at evening from San Juan and every passenger was outside looking at how we moved away from the island.

 Our pretty cold stateroom had everything a normal hotel room would have, also including a strong-box (yeah..) and occasional 'gifts'. 

 The housekeepers of the room were very nice. Part of their job was leaving little 'gifts': mint chocolates (ew >_<) and towels in form of animals around the room!

 My stateroom was on the floor on top of the 24/7 coffee-bakery. There's where I ate the best pizza ever. And as I always kept going there, an Asian employer even learned my whole name. 

                                        Various floors seen from the elevator     

 Our day usually consisted of going to the buffet, walking to explore around the cruise -we didn't see it completely-, visiting the island we stopped on each day, going to the coffee-bakery place, and playing golf.
                                        Pool center with the gym on top

 When going to the buffet, we were almost always received by the same person. My sister and I once stopped to talk with him which was very funny with our mediocre english. Even so, we were able to understand each other and also of guessing his age (25 years old).  When ending up the chat, he told me I should trust that my english would get better, that I should keep practicing. Thanks goodness, he was right (as you see)!

 Clearly, there was everything at the buffet, including a beautiful whole view to the opening sea. It was relaxing to sit down to eat in front of such majestic view. 
  Although it wasn't always like that. In one of the nights, we felt the cruise moving a lot. We went to the buffet and it was impossible to ignore how everything on the table was moving from side to side incontrollably, as we sat down we also were moving from side to side. The huge windows with the usually majestic view now was very dark, it was scary to be able to see also the dark waves hitting the cruise. We asked our waitress what was happening; she joked that sharks smelled puertorican blood and they were moving the cruise like that. But then she explained how it was being then a stormy night with big and strong waves that were affecting the cruise's movement. Shouldn't have been something to worry about. After all we went to our rooms and I sat down on the bed to watch tv. After 5 minutes the tv controller felt down from the bed, because of the cruise's movement, and then I followed it down to the floor. How great... 
 After breakfast at the buffet, we explored around the ship. We saw the captain's place, some dancing clubs, a casino, the ship deck, stores around, all the recurring views around the ship, the pools' center (with a surfing spot), spa, gymnasium, restaurants, gaming center, teenager's club, theaters, and so on other paces we weren't able to see.

                                               Inside the casino's floor

                                       Climbing Wall and volleyball court

Also, for you people that travel with kids but would like some 'free' time', cruises usually have a kids care center.

 So as you see, a cruise offers a lot of activities. We were able to see some theater plays, comedy shows, singing presentations, carnival presentations, auto shows, and a lot of variety of people and cultures showing up everywhere.